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Plants for every space

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MnM Plants has the opportunity to offer a wide range of plants both on the wholesale market and online. At the wholesale market we offer a daily changing assortment of seasonal items.


Houseplants come in all shapes and sizes. They often have specific wishes regarding height and pot size. Here at MnM, we can quickly provide a customised quote by approaching growers directly. You should also ask us about the “Air so Pure” plants. These are plants which have air-purifying characteristics. We will be pleased to tell you more about them.

Outdoor Plants

Some plants get much too hot indoors and are just right for outdoors. These plants can take a punch. We have suitable plants for every location, garden or balcony. Give us the pot size and height and we will make you a sharp offer.

Carefree Plants

Do you also have a busy schedule sometimes or do you forget to set the alarm clock? With our care-free plants, you do not have to worry if you forget to water them one day. They will not blame you and will continue to feel fine.

Hanging Plants

Some plants do not like to stand at all. They prefer to hang. That makes them extra cool. Hanging plants fit in every interior and are very suitable to add that little extra to the atmosphere in your house, balcony or garden.

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Plants for every space


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We love flowers and plants, the mood and health benefits they bring to spaces.

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